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At the heart of who we are, we cherish our family and friends above all else. Quality time spent together holds immeasurable value, whether it's shared outdoors, embarking on new adventures, or nestled in the comfort of our home. Our commitment to service extends beyond our personal circle and business – we dedicate ourselves to serving wholeheartedly within our local church community. Our dedication to creating meaningful connections echoes through every photograph and film we produce, reflecting the genuine bonds that define our lives.

Based in South Florida, we are a dedicated wedding photo & film duo

We're Preston and Sydney,

Our life is filled with delightful chaos as we unexpectedly went from having no children to three within a single year. Our journey began with foster care, and soon after our first placement, the second followed closely behind. Just when we thought life couldn't get any more exciting, we received a delightful surprise – we were expecting our first biological child. These three little blessings fill our days with love and laughter, and our greatest joy is nurturing them into happy, kind-hearted future world-changers.

When we are'nt shooting weddings, we're with our family.

My roots run deep in Naples, FL, where I was born and raised, and my love for the outdoors knows no bounds. Whether it's the beach, the pool, or a local park, if its outside, you'll find me there. I'm an Enneagram 2, a natural encourager with a strong desire to be your biggest supporter. My greatest joy comes from helping others feel their best and capturing precious wedding moments. I believe weddings should be carefree and fun, providing you with peace and presence to relive those memories forever. Beyond my work, I hold my roles as a wife, mother, and homemaker close to my heart. My dream is to embrace the opportunity to homeschool, bake bread, and fully immerse myself in the early developmental years of my children's lives. Growing up as the oldest of nine siblings has fueled my desire for a large, loving family. This passion extends beyond my family; my heart is deeply connected to foster care. Over the past two years, Preston and I have been foster parents, providing love and stability to four placements. In addition to our home, I lead a dedicated foster team at our church, known as "Foster Crews," with the mission to support and empower foster parents on their incredible journey.

About Sydney 

I'm truly passionate about wedding videography. It brings me an incredible amount of joy to be there, offering a sense of comfort and order amidst the hectic morning, experiencing the meaningful ceremony, and, of course, enjoying the post-wedding celebration. And let's not forget the food; I'm a big fan of that too. My films are all about storytelling, creating a cinematic experience that allows you to relive your special day from the very beginning to the end.

My journey into videography started when Sydney and I got married in 2020. I began accompanying her on weddings, and before I knew it, I was capturing alongside her at every wedding as my videography business took off. It's not my full-time gig, though. The reason I moved to Florida from Michigan was to work at a local church as the Next Gen Pastor. When I'm not at weddings or church events, I'm most likely watching Michigan State football or playing basketball with some friends. However, my all-time favorite thing is spending quality time with my family. My favorite moments are our cozy movie nights, where I help the kids build forts, and together, we create homemade pizzas with our favorite toppings.

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Our wedding story took an unexpected turn as the pandemic led to a complete shutdown. As our wedding week approached, we decided to postpone the larger celebration. However, the desire to get married was too strong to wait. In an intimate ceremony officiated by Preston's father, we exchanged vows with just our parents and siblings on Bonita Beach, behind a friend's house. We cherished every moment of that day. The following year finally brought the long-awaited moment to celebrate with family and friends at our original venue. I wore the wedding dress I had always dreamed of, a masterpiece meticulously hand-stitched from scratch by my mom. And now, we have two wedding dates to celebrate!

March 27th, 2020


Emmett & Kelly

"Our wedding photos and video are something I will cherish forever. Sydney captured our day flawlessly. She made me feel so at ease and relaxed no matter how many changes were happening. We had so much fun hanging out with her and Preston! Having her as your wedding photographer means having someone who reliable, fun and caring AND who will capture all of the big little moments you will want to look back on forever!"

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